Endorsements and Testimonials

“’Vibrant’ is the most hope filled book I have ever read. Dr. Krishan’s story is one of love, hope and connection with others that will draw you up, out of yourself and into the realms of unconditional love. His story touches humanity’s soul and gives it a path to follow that allows growth of a higher calling than we think we are capable of reaching. To share this was difficult, I am sure, however I am in appreciation for it and highly recommend this book to others who wish to become… ‘Vibrant’.”

– Chessie Roberts, Founder, President and Mindset Mentor, Evolution of Self: Journey into Body, Mind, Spirit

“Dr. Krishna is a living example of the resilience that can grow from adversity and the positive change that one can create despite exceptional hardship. Through his personal story, he radiates a profound joy for life and helping others which is both insightful and inspiring. During a time of my own personal tragedy and self-doubt, Dr. Krishna’s book reminded me that through our struggles we can cultivate our spirit and that, slowly but surely, joy can find its way back into our hearts. His book gave me hope and helped me rediscover my own passion and purpose. I have no doubt that the core message of ‘Vibrant’ will deeply resonate with many, as it certainly did with me.”

– Erin Walling, student and aspiring physician

“Dr. Murali Krishna is truly an Oklahoma treasure.  He may have been born in India, but we proudly claim him as an Oklahoman.  I was moved by his personal story and willingness to share his joys and his sorrows. Anyone reading this book will feel like he’s a longtime friend with sage advice.  Make the time to read this thought-provoking book. You’ll be glad you did!”

– The Honorable Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma

“Dr. Murali Krishna selflessly shares the captured lessons of his life through his own personal journey. His experiences, both joyful and tragic, poignantly reach out to touch us where we are in our lives in a very universal way. In a very gentle and moving approach, he guides us to seek a spirit of living in the present, being grateful for our lives and those lives that we have the potential to touch.”

– Jenny Alexopulos, D.O., Associate Dean of Clinical Services,  Professor of Family Medicine, Oklahoma State University – Center for Health Sciences, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“‘Vibrant’ reveals the Murali Krishna I know.  Although a loyal friend, outstanding clinician, and generous colleague, he is foremost a visionary.  Murali is at his best when he is creating and implementing his ideas for a better future.  Time and again he has foreseen the direction health care was going and has not just had ideas for the betterment of society but has always brought together and led the people and resources to actually bring about real and lasting good.”

– John Andrus, M.D., President, Professional Corporation of Psychiatry

“Dr. Krishna’s ‘Vibrant’ gives us that rare opportunity to look into the window of the author’s soul and experience how perfectly his life events are attached to his beliefs, his heart and his teachings.  This book will have a meaningful impact on the reader’s life journey.”

– Arnold C Bacigalupo, Ph.D., President, Voyageur One, Inc.

“A delightful read in one sitting or immerse yourself theme at a time and let that light take hold in your consciousness. With the same story-telling gift of his Thatha (grandfather), Murali Krishna opens the doors to each of life’s major transitions and blessings. As he says, there are no inventions… just discoveries of the magnificence of the Creator, in all realms – physical, spiritual, and mental. ‘Vibrant’ is a gift of hope and sensibility. Take for yourself and share.”

– Laura Boyd, Ph.D., CEO – Policy and Performance Consultants, Inc.

“Dr. Krishna allowed me to read his new book several months ago.  Following his journey from India to INTEGRIS Health has revealed to me what has made him such a warm, caring, and effective   physician. I both laughed and cried while reading the book.  His life has shown that pain can be turned into gain.  Murali is a vibrant force in the lives of all of those who know him and are privileged to call him a friend.”

– Jay P. Cannon, MD, Chief of Staff, INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center

“From one brown man with an accent to another” – Dr. Krishna’s encouragement, mentoring and nurturing of me and my family has been instrumental in realizing our own American dreams.  The title of his book, ‘VIBRANT – TO HEAL AND BE WHOLE’ – From India to Oklahoma City, speaks volumes in itself!  Each chapter revealed a very touching, moving, and inspirational story of his life journey full of both joy & pain that molded him into the caring, compassionate and visionary physician of today.  If you want to know how to live a VIBRANT life, read this book!”

– Amal Chakraburtty, MD, FAPA, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry; OU College of Medicine

“Dr. Krishna’s life story transported me thousands of miles to another country and culture, across decades of time and tradition, while simultaneously helping me understand what is closest, my own heart and thoughts.  A truly touching and inspirational story with transformational power!”

– Terry Cline, Ph.D., Oklahoma Commissioner of Health, Secretary of Health and Human Services

“From my first awareness of Dr. Krishna’s healing methods during a workshop on managing stress, given at a conference on HIV/AIDS, my life has been enriched and nourished by his words, his actions, and his most genuine caring nature. His book provides a powerful look into his life and his heart. Thank you for sharing so generously so that others may experience renewal of spirit.”

– Pamela S. Cross, MPH, Executive Director, Health Alliance for the Uninsured

“Through Murali Krishna’s life story, we get a peek into the forces that coalesced to create this incredible man.  Although he has faced incredible adversity and hardship during his lifetime, he radiates joy and optimism.  ‘Vibrant’ is a testament on how to live a happy, moral and purposeful life.”

– Chris Hammes, Executive Vice President and COO, INTEGRIS Health

“Murali Krishna has a wonderful and inspiring way of educating us on the true meaning of happiness and hope. This book is a ‘must read’ for every one of us that has experienced pain in our lives and want to heal. Murali, thank you for making an impact on the lives of so many.”

– Debby Hampton, President & CEO, United Way of Central Oklahoma

“Murali Krishna is really an Ambassador of Peace.  Not peace between countries but peace between the conflicting feelings and instincts in the human spirit.  His long and fascinating life journey and the perspective gained as well as his scholarly expertise have combined to create an insightful book that is a roadmap to a vibrant life.  He has given us all a lasting gift by sharing his remarkable insights with us all.”

– Burns Hargis, President, Oklahoma State University

“These stories told by Murali Krishna are an engaging journey through sorrow and resiliency to joy and contentment.    There are vivid lessons within for those who make the time to read the book with thoughtful consideration.   As I read his book I relived the many occasions on which he has been encourager, supporter, counselor, and mentor and, most often, friend.  To be blessed is to have encountered individuals who have changed your life for the better.  Murali Krishna is one of those blessings in my life.”

– Lynn Horton, CFA, System Vice President, INTEGRIS Health

“Since 1996 when Dr. Murali Krishna came to INTEGRIS Health it has been my privilege to work with him, and to come to know him as my friend.  Through his book, ‘Vibrant,’ Murali gives our community, as well as countless others across the nation, the experience of recognizing the healing that can come from the mind-body-spirit connection.  He truly has mastered the art of happy living, and skillfully shares his life story to benefit others.”

– Stanley F. Hupfeld, FACHE, Chairman, INTEGRIS Foundation

“This book is honest and wise.   It is a wisdom that does not come from books but from a life that has experienced both sorrow and joy, fear and hope, helplessness and resilience.

It is a look behind the cheerful smile and the warm hug of Dr. Krishna into the heart and mind of a small boy, a teenager and a mature adult as he faced difficult life challenges.   Rather than be defeated by them, he has found a way to make his experiences useful to others.”

– Charlotte Lankard, Marriage & Family Therapist; weekly columnist for The Oklahoman; and author of “It’s Called Life”

“Murali Krishna is one of the most inspiring and genuine people I have ever met.  His magnanimous heart and vibrant personality instills in everyone he encounters a sense of caring, compassion and hope for the future.”

– Bruce Lawrence, President & CEO, INTEGRIS Health

“‘Vibrant’ shares the fascinating life journey and the inspiring life lessons of a compassionate and insightful physician and leader. Murali Krishna’s words transported me to a land far away, then back again, all the while weaving in the universal truths that guide each of us toward love, joy, and peace no matter what the external circumstances.”

– Michelle May, M.D., author of “Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat”

“It is a great thrill for us to see our dear friend Murali put to print his thoughts about his approach to life.  Murali is truly one of those unique individuals who brings a sense of joy and harmony to those in his presence.”

– Mark Mellow, M.D., James L. Hall, Jr. Center for Mind, Body & Spirit

“Dr. Murali Krishna is an amazing human being who has discovered how to stand on the threshold between matter and spirit, science and faith, knowledge and wisdom, fact and truth, the mysterious and the miraculous, the commonplace and the wondrous.  And he does so with such uncommon grace and kindness that it both touches and delights the hearts of those who come to know him.”

– Dr. Norman Neaves, Senior Minister Emeritus, Church of the Servant (UMC), Oklahoma City, OK

“‘Vibrant’ is the awe-inspiring chronicle of a life of purpose. Murali Krishna melds the quotidian with the sublime in a seamless parable of single-mindedness, tenacity and determination: not toward reaping the spoils of success, but rather towards meeting the salutary joy that is revealed by the glory of giving. For that, Oklahoma has been very blessed to call him an adopted son.”

– Tomás P. Owens, M.D., President, Oklahoma County Medical Society. Clinical Professor, OU Health Sciences Center

“Dr. Krishna is well known for his delightful talks, both to physicians and the general public, explaining with solid scientifically-based studies how greater health of the mind and spirit can lead to better physical health.

This book is a compilation of the important information in those talks interspersed with his story of growing up in India and coming to America as a distinguished physician. He explains how mental illness has saddened his family as it has saddened so many of our families.

He shows how balance, being upbeat, optimism, calmness, having a fulfilling relationship, and finding some joy in each day leads to even more happiness as well as reducing physical illness.

If we could all follow the concepts he writes about in such an interesting way, we could reduce so much mental and physical distress.  Five stars and two thumbs up!”

– John A. Robinson, M.D., President, Oklahoma State Medical Association

“Murali does a fabulous job of weaving accounts of his actual life experiences with the incredible wisdom he has been able to derive from them.  He presents sage advice that can easily be applied to all of our lives if we’re honest with ourselves.  This is easily digestible psychotherapy in a book… without the couch, the resistance or the expense.  Murali goes down easy in this book, just like he does for each of us that get to work with him in person… every day and in every situation.  Remarkable!”

– James P. White, MD, CMO, Managing Director, INTEGRIS Health

“Dr. Krishna’s powerful and moving personal stories help all of us think about how we’re living our own lives.  The thoughts, lessons and reminders that he so caringly conveys provide an opportunity to contemplate our own happiness, purpose and presence.  A wonderful gift from a truly wonderful human being.”

– Terri White, Commissioner, Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

“Okay, turn off the TV!  Put up the computer, hide your cell phone!  I know you think you’re too busy to read a book, but you can’t afford NOT to read this one!  Dr. Murali Krishna knows how busy people are, but he also knows that in today’s fast paced society, most of us are too often stressed, sleepless and depressed.  What does one do?  Is there hope?   Read his book, you will see there is reason to hope. How can you find peace and happiness in today’s hectic world?  Read his book!  As one who has lost his first born son, I personally know the pain and depression that follow.  Murali’s life experiences show he, too, has faced and overcome similar obstacles.  You can as well.  Peace and wellbeing await within!”

– Reggie N. Whitten, Chairman of Pros for Africa and Whitten Newman Foundation

“Dr. Krishna, inspires us all to look at life through a variety of lenses.  He represents all that is good and right in the world.  His gift of wisdom and love transcends all boundaries and binds us from the east to the west and beyond. ‘Vibrant’ is Dr. Murali Krishna!”

– Avilla T. Williams, President, INTEGRIS Health Edmond

“Dr. Krishna’s personal story ‘Vibrant’ is an inspiring and thoughtful journey from rural India years ago to present day Oklahoma City, where he continues his work to improve the lives of all Oklahomans.  His life lessons and insights continue to resonate throughout his tireless efforts to make a positive difference in the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of his patients, colleagues, and every person he encounters.  I am honored to know and work with Dr. Krishna, and am reminded of Proverbs 22:29:  ‘Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before Kings.’  Dr. Krishna is such a man.”

– Ron Woodson, MD, Cardiologist, Vice President Oklahoma State Board of Health